Mini-Delusion for Halloween 2019

For Halloween 2019, Delusion: Interactive Theatre will present an altered version of its usual immersive, interactive drama. The season's production, titled Alt Delete, is described as a twenty-minute "micro-experience," including board games, dinner, and a show. The event starts September 18 at the Dragon and Meeple, a tabletop gaming pub.

Written by Jon Braver and produced by The Great Company, Alt Delete is a chapter from the "Blue Blade Saga," the full-length play that ran last Halloween and earlier this year, which moved Delusion away from horror toward science-fiction. Alt Delete continues the trend, promising a humorous adventure "reminiscent of Thor: Ragnarok" that will "bring the production to an even broader audience, including those who have never experienced Delusion or interactive theater before."

Delusion: Alt Delete will run through December 15, Wednesdays through Sundays, starting at 5:40pm and ending at 11:40 pm. The address is 3742 S. Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Tickets start $38. They can be purchased at:

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Coming off the spring 2019 extension of the hit interactive play Delusion: The Blue Blade, Alt Delete will be a never before seen, interactive chapter from the Blue Blade Saga running this fall 2019 that is sure to captivate current fans of the Delusion Universe and newcomers alike. Individual and group tickets are now available at

From visionary creator Jon Braver and The Great Company comes Alt Delete; a spin-off chapter from the time traveling epic that was The Blue Blade. Rogue scientist Evelyn Lowell, wielding the famed Blue Blade, created a black market time travel business. Professor Lowell is as elusive as she is wealthy, but every tear in time she creates for her clients leaves a path for pursuers. And there are plenty.

Covering Evelyn’s tracks is the job of her Underwriters; assessors of danger and eliminators of risk. There’s been a breach in Professor Lowell's Computer Lab in 1982. Time to do your job.

For a limited time with limited guests, experience the interactive chapter before it’s wiped from existence. Remake history, and play your part.

Heralded by NPR as the “hottest ticket in town”, Delusion has captivated sold-out audiences since its first play opened in 2011, transforming them into characters inside a living, breathing, dark world of epic interactive storytelling. Alt Delete marks a deviation in tone and structure from traditional Delusion shows, but in the best way possible. Set in an '80s-adjacent era and with the humor reminiscent of Thor: Ragnarok, the additions bring the production to an even broader audience, including those who have never experienced Delusion or interactive theater before.

Tickets start at $38. Past seasons have sold out quickly, so we encourage guests to book tickets while they are still available.



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