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Mini-review: Re-Animator the Musical

Last night, Hollywood Gothique experienced the hysteria that is Re-Animator: The Musical, currently on stage at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. We will return with a full review as soon as possible; for the time being, let us simply say that Stuart Gordon’s stage adaptation of his 1985 cult film features a tidal wave of blood and entrails far beyond anything we have seen in any other theatre this Halloween season – and that’s saying something after The Zombie Effect.

Essentially, this is the film’s story, transposed to live theatre, but with every plot point, emotional beat, and character nuance underlined with a song. If that sounds absurd, it is. Fortunately, Re-Animator: The Musical embraces the absurdity, creating an experience that is at once familiar in form and yet completely different in tone from its source. You will scream – but with laughter.

And watch out for that scene-stealing Rufus!