Monterpalooza, The Art of Monsters

monsterpalooza 2010 copyThe Rubber Room presents this weekend-long convention dedicated to art of creating creepy creatures for the screen. The event offers a series of seminars devoted to the world of movie monsters and special effects. Makeup artist Verne Langdon will be the "Monsters of Ceremonies," presiding over artists from KNB EFX (Sin City), ADI (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), the Chiodo Brothers (Gremlins), and Proteus Studios (Star Trek). Other guests include Don Post Jr. (of DOn Post Studios), makeup artists Michael Westmore (Star Trek) and Tom Burman, comic book author and screenwriter Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), director Bert I. Gordon (The Amazing Colossal Man), and artist Bernie Wrightson, plus actors Julie Adams (Creature from the Black Lagoon), Joe Turkel (The Shining, Blade Runner), David Hedison (The Fly), Brett Halsey (Return of the Fly), Tuesday Knight (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4), Belinda Belaski (The Howling), Warren Stevens (Forbidden Planet), William Shallert (The Incredible Shrinking Man), and Donnie Dunagan (Son of Frankenstein).

Also on hand will be cast and crew from RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, including makeup artist Tony Gardner, concept designer William Stout, and actors Don Calfa, Brian Peck, Beverly Randolph, John Philbin, and Allan Trautman (who played the memorable Tarman).

There will be a walk-through monster-creature museum, and over 150 vendors will be on hand, selling collectibles.

The convention runs April 9-11. Hours are 6-11pm on Friday, 11:30am-9pm on Saturday, and 11:30am-6pm on Sunday.

Tickets are $20 per day or $50 for a weekend pass.

Title: Monterpalooza, The Art of Monsters
Location: Burbank Marriot Hotel and Convention Center, 2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA
MySpace Page: Click here
Start Date: Friday, April 09 at 6:00pm
End Date: Sunday, April 11 at 6:00pm