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More Halloween 2015 No-Shows: Ghost Tour and Night of the Living Zoo

Halloween 2015 seems to have an unusually high percentage of haunts on hiatus: House at Haunted Hill is taking the season off; so is Sherwood Scare; Delusion: A Haunted Play is on hold till it can open in a new location early next year; Fear Station lost its venue.

Well, add two more to the list: the Ghost Tour at Strathearn Park and Night of the Living Zoo at the Los Angeles Zoo.

The Ghost Tour is – or was – a historical event, with the dead of Simi Valley rising to tell their stories in monologues and dramatic vignettes at the Strathearn Historical Park and Museum. Night of the Living Zoo was an after-dark party event at the Los Angeles Zoo, which mixed dancing and costume contests with educational bits.

The Ghost Tour had been around for several seasons; its proprietors hope to resurrected it next Halloween.

Night of the Living Zoo seems unlikely to return. It ran for two years, but apparently it was not popular enough to become a perennial.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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