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Halloween haunts in limbo for 2009

The Fright Gallery in Burbank
The Fright Gallery in Burbank

If you are a busy fright fan making up lists of Halloween yard haunts you would like to visit this year and lamenting that you cannot get to all of them, you can rest easy knowing that several old favorites are not around for 2009: some are taking a year off; others may be gone to the graveyard forever.

The Fright Gallery in Burbank tells fans on its official website:

Unfortunately we are not producing a Halloween show this year.

The production process takes over six months of writing, recording, designing, and construction. We just didn’t have the time needed to put it all together this year and deliver the kind of Fright Gallery show you’ve come to expect.

We’re hoping to be back on stage next year and will look for you in the audience then.
Thanks for checking in and have a safe Halloween!

The Realm of Terror in Torrance will also be taking a year off with a promise to return next Halloween:

Due to prior obligations that we are unable to change (Someone planned a wedding reception for Halloween night) we will not be able to host The Realm of Terror this Halloween season. Please check in with us soon as we have already started planning for the 2010 season.

The Infected, an intense walk-through yard haunt simulating a quarantine area in Burbank, is on hiatus for 2009. Let’s hope they are back for 2010.

The Pirate Cave in Northridge will take a year off, promising to return in 2010 with a “whole new
look” and with “new effects and’or a whole new theme.” There will be a few general decorations and effects in the yard this year, just to keep the spirit of Halloween alive.

Lastly, the Witch’s Castle in Studio City, a wonderful home haunt for the whole family is retiring this year, probably never to return.

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that Shipwreck Productions did not manage to set up a new haunt this year after losing their gig at the Queen Mary TerrorFest. They promise to return in 2010.