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More haunt updates

I’ve been hard at work updating the website for this Halloween.

You can see the results by clicking on the Halloween Haunts page, which now has listings for Yard Haunts and local community-oriented haunts. Not all the information is up-to-date, because they smaller amateur and semi-professional outfits do not necessarily have time to start planning this year or work out their schedule. Nevertheless, there is plenty of information that will help you start to plan for the October season.

Also I have created several new stand-alone pages for some of the more high-profile and/or high-quality haunts that deserve a little more space, either because there is so much to say about them or because I have photos and/or video to post of them. They are all listed on the Halloween Haunts page, and you can also find them in the left-hand navigation bar, listed as sub-pages of the Halloween Haunts page.