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More House Cleaning

I’ve been doing some more work on migrating over content from our old website. Today I created three new pages:

  1. Book & Video Stores
  2. Hollywood Haunts
  3. Theatres

The places listed on the Books & Video Stores page are either specialty shops (like Dark Delicacies), or they feature in-store guests on semi-regular basis. In other words, you won’t find Borders book store or Blockbuster video – just places of particular interest to fans of fantasy films, mystery movies, Halloween horror, and sci-fi cinema.

“Hollywood Haunts” may sound too much like “Halloween Haunts,” but I could not think of a better name. The idea is to fill this page with attractions that cater to people of our peculiar tastes – attractions like the Hollywood Forever Cemeter walking tour.

The Theatres page – like the Book & Video Store page – makes no attempt to be comprehensive. It lists two kinds of theatres: Premium Theatres (where we recommend you see first-run movies) and Art House of Specialty Theatres (where they program revival screenings of great classic and cult movies of the sort we like to see).

At this point all the major “static” pages from the old website have been transferred the new version of Hollywood Gothique. Now it’s just a matter of wrangling the last of the post from the old weblog.