More Muppet Magic: Jim Henson's Legacy

On Thanksgiving Weekend & on Christmas Day, the Cinefamily will celebrate the magic of Jim Henson's Muppets with a weekend of films and clips from SESAME STREET, plus an encore presentation of "Muppet History 101" and "Muppet History 201", and a special Christmas Day screening of Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas! This program is open to children of all ages!

The series co-presented by KCET. Children under 12 receive a $4 ticket discounts for into all shows in this series! NOTE: To receive the $4 discount for online pre-sale tickets, you must purchase the ticket(s) at the full price, and you will receive a $4 cash rebate at the at the box office on the day of the show.


11/26 @ 2:00pm & 7:00pm /Muppet History 101
This unique slate of Muppet rarities examines the origins of Henson's pioneering puppeteering, and includes early live TV appearances, unusual commercials, guest spots by Rowlf The Dog on The Jimmy Dean Show, Muppet surprises on The Dick Cavett Show, and much more. Plus, this program contains the rarely-seen 1975 “Muppet Show” pilot, under the provocative title “The Muppets: Sex and Violence”, which featured a tribute to the Seven Deadly Sins, and gave TV audiences their very first introduction to The Swedish Chef, Sam The Eagle, Statler and Waldorf, and the always-awesome Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem!

Tickets - $10/$6 children under 12

11/26 @ 4:15pm & 9:15pm / Muppet History 201.
Sometimes Muppets can appear in the strangest places! In between "Sesame Street", "The Muppet Show", the Muppet feature films and other productions, Jim Henson brought the Muppets to countless television variety and talk shows for several decades. Many of these appearances were live and have been lost forever, but The Jim Henson Legacy has been working to find the shows that still exist -- and this screening is a presentation of recently unearthed clips of Muppet television appearances and other special surprises ranging from the 1950s to the 1980s!

Watch the Muppets on "The Tonight Show" in 1965!

Tickets - $10/$6 children under 12

11/27 @ 2:00pm / Sesame Street At 40: Milestones On The Street
We have all grown up with "Sesame Street" -- and in turn, over the decades, "Sesame Street" has grown up with us. Like any extended family, the show has gone through its own circle of life, and the memories contained within are priceless. This “best-of” compilation features classic "Sesame Street" moments, the warmest and most touching events in the show’s history -- such as the series’ first episode, Maria’s visit to Puerto Rico, the birth of Gabi, Miles’ adoption, the death of Mr. Hooper, and when a hurricane hits Sesame Street. DJ Nanny Cantaloupe (Dublab, KXLU) will be here to spin tunes before and after the show!

Tickets - $10/$6 children under 12

11/27 @ 4:15pm / Jim Henson & Friends: Inside The Sesame Street Vault
A visionary TV producer and a world-class puppeteer, Jim Henson led a dedicated, inspired team to create indelible, hilarious, vulnerable and crazy characters like Kermit The Frog, Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, Oscar The Grouch, Elmo, and Count von Count -- and in the process, evolved the the craft of puppeteering, continually elevating it to new heights. This compilation highlights the contributions of Jim Henson and his early Sesame Street collaborators (brilliant folks like Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Fran Brill and Caroll Spinney) through old favorites and rarely seen clips from specials and TV guest appearances! DJ Nanny Cantaloupe (Dublab, KXLU) will be here to spin tunes before and after the show!

Tickets - $10/$6 children under 12

11/28 @ 2:00pm / Sing! The Music Of Sesame Street
“From the silly to the sacred, Muppet music has impacted generations young and old.” -

Practically through osmosis, those who grew up with "Sesame Street" gained a serious amount of musical education, as the show has continuously presented a world of song in a wide variety of genres, always with a sense of humor and a smile. This salute to forty years of "Sesame Street" music features original Sesame Street classics, parodies, and special guest appearances by musicians such as Billy Joel, Paul Simon, R.E.M., Patti LaBelle, Johnny Cash, and more!

Tickets - $10/$6 children under 12

11/28 @ 4:15pm / Follow That Bird
Chock-full of fun celebrity cameos and adventure far beyond the confines of “the Street”, Follow That Bird takes our beloved Sesame Street characters for a cinematic ride through America at large. Convinced by an adoption agency to move in with a bird family so he can grow up “with his own kind,” Big Bird is relocated to the Dodo residence in suburban Oceanview, Illinois. When he runs away and falls in with a sleazy carnival sideshow, however, Cookie Monster, the Count, Oscar, and others must race across the country to rescue their friend and bring Big Bird back to his real family — the wonderfully diverse community of Sesame Street. SCTV regulars Dave Thomas and Joe Flaherty are a hoot as the bad guys, while Chevy Chase, John Candy, Sally Kellerman, Sandra Bernhardt (overseeing one doozy of a filmic food fight) and Walyon Jennings all lend their funny to make Follow That Bird a fantastic time for kids and adults alike!
Dir. Kew Kwapis, 1985, 35mm, 88 min.

Tickets - $10/$6 children under 12

12/25 @ 4:00pm /Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas
shown with Muppet Christmas Shorts
Nothing brings us back to the post-gift openin’, egg nog-drinkin’, family-lovin’ goodness of Christmas morning quite like Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas. This touching tale of a widow otter and her son Emmet’s struggle to give each other the best possible Christmas finds Emmet’s jug band competing for a cash prize in a talent contest -- but will the rowdy Riverbottom Gang and their wild hard rock band The Nightmare beat them to it? One of the most charming holiday stories since It’s A Wonderful Life, Jim Henson’s 1977 made-for-TV classic features amazing tunes by Muppet Movie songsmith Paul Williams, and, in contrast to the typical Muppet style of puppetry, its loveable river animals are portrayed more realistically than they ever had before, thanks to advancements in radio-controlled puppet effects. The afternoon’s program also includes a selection of highlights from other Muppet Christmas specials!

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