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More yard haunts

The LA Daily News has an article on yard haunts. Most of the ones they list are already familiar to us (you can find them on our Halloween Haunts page), but they did dig up a couple of unfamiliar ghoulish delights that you may want to check out:

  • The Silva Family Haunt: 17022 Casimir Avenue in Torrance. Starts at dusk on Wednesday. The description: ” If you can make it through the front yard filled with headless bloody men lounging in chairs, a plethora of cracked tombstones, hanging mummies and several of the “Scream” killers, then head to the back …and enter the huge haunted castle filled with even more spooky figures.”
  • Burr Family Haunt: 3431 Myrtle Avenue in Long Beach.  7 to 10 Saturday and Wednesday. Desciption: “The Burr family makes use of the entire front, back and side yards, along with the patio and garage, using mechanized props that jump out to scare visitors. In keeping with the spooky all-ages spirit, though, none of the effects are too gruesome. It’s free to enter, but donations are accepted.”