Mutant Girls Squad & Alien vs. Ninja

Location: Silent Movie Theatre, 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Link out: Click here
Date: October 8 at 10pm
Description: As part of its 3rd Annual Halloween Horror Film Fest, the Cinefamily presents a double bill of Los Angeles premieres from the East.

Mutant Girls Squad - 8:00pm
“At 2009's NYAFF, action choreographer/director Tak Sakaguchi (Be A Man! Samurai School), director/special effects genius Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) and cherubic pervert Noboru Iguchi (Robogeisha) got drunk and vowed to make a movie together. For better or worse, this splatter-ific, hyperactive take on X-Men is going to shock, horrify and delight you...Rin is a normal high school girl, but on her Sweet Sixteen, her body starts changing, and a special forces squad busts up her birthday party and kills her guests with booger bullets. It turns out that Rin’s one of the reviled mutants (known as Hirukos), who are the latest inferior race slated for extinction. Rin runs, and discovers a resistance movement made up of other mutants: swords shoot out their nipples, chainsaws project from their butts, deformed faces grow on their bellies and metal claws erupt from their wrists -- but these deformities are the weapons they'll use to tear down straight society! Close in tone to Tokyo Gore Police's Cronenberg's liberation anthems...Mutant Girls Squad is cheap, tacky and weird. But it's also clear that for all its awkward moments and low budget restrictions, it's a successful melding of these three directors into one giant, bloody robot, [ready] to crush the normals and to gleefully transgress all the boundaries of good taste.” -- New York Asian Film Festival
Dirs. Noboru Iguchi, Yoshishiro Nishimura & Tak Sakaguchi, 2010, HDCAM, 85 min.

Alien Vs. Ninja - 9:45pm
"That title isn’t enough for you? the context of crowd-pleasing fun, it far outshines Hollywood’s lame summer product." -Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York

“In medieval Japan, no one can hear you scream! Whoever wins -- we lose! It came to our planet for the thrill of the hunt but it picked the wrong man! It's an alien, a big disgusting alien who wants to rip out our intestines and tear off our heads. It comes from a planet where everything is goopy and disgusting and the only language it speaks is horrible violence. It's like a drunk redneck with a gun set loose at a wedding reception. This sick extraterrestrial freak even wants to impregnate our species with its hideous jelly babies. It is unstoppable. It is unkillable. It is unbeatable. But it made one mistake: it forgot to make itself ninja-proof. Like some kind of ultra-stupid, ultra-gory version of the Mighty Moronic Power Rangers, Alien Vs. Ninja> is the kind of boneheaded movie that does exactly what it says on the box. There are ninjas, and they fight an alien and by the end so many buckets of gore have been emptied, so many prop swords have been soaked in green alien gunk and so many copyright laws have been violated that the entire Dumb Movies Genre needs to go on vacation!” -- New York Asian Film Festival
Dir. Seiji Chiba, 2010, HDCAM, 85 min.

Co-presented by Giant Robot.