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My Name is Bruce at Nuart

The one-week run of MY NAME IS BRUCE continues at the Nuart Theatre in West Los Angeles, through Thursday. The film is a sort of horror movie variation on THREE AMIGOS and GALAXY QUEST, in which actors found themselves confronting real-life versions of their on-screen antics; there are also parallels with the recent JCVD, in which Jean-Claude Van Damme played himself as a washed-up has-been. In MY NAME IS BRUCE, Campbell plays Bruce Campbell – a cult actor on the skids who gets a shot at redemption when a fan invites him to a small town – which is under siege by a monster. Can Campbell the person accomplish in “real” life what his characters have achieved on the cinema screen in movies like ARMY OF DARKNESS, in which he battle hordes of Dead-ites? Campbell appeared in person at the theatre this weekend. In case you missed your chance to hear him speak in person, you can click here to read our interview with the actor-director.

The Nuart Theatre is located at 11272 Santa Monica Blvd (just west of 405 Freeway) in West Los Angeles, CA 90025. You can call (310) 478-6379 or (310) 281-8223 for more information, or check out the official website.