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New Beverly re-opening

The New Beverly Cinema closed last week after owner Sherman Torgan died.

The theatre’s MySpace page has now sent out a bulletin indicating that the theatre will re-open on Tuesday, July 24 for their monthly Grindhouse double bill. This month’s pair of exploitaton titles is FRANKENSTEIN’S CASTLE OF FREAKS and THE SINFUL DWARF.

After a couple of other double bills, featuring Coen Brothers movies and 3D porno, there will be a double feature of THE GOONIES and BACK TO THE FUTURE running Sunday, July 29 through Tuesday, July 31.

The New Beverly is the last remaining calendar theatre in Los Angeles devoted entirely to classic movies. (Yes, the Nuart and the American Cinematheque squeeze old titles in with their art house and foreign films, but the New Beverly screens them all the time.) They need your support, so try to make a point of checking out some of this week’s films, even if you already own them on DVD.

NOTE: Due to the theatre’s closing, this weekend’s double bill of GREMLINS and HOWARD THE DUCK was cancelled. Fans of GREMLINS can still see the film at the Bay Theatre, where it starts a three-day run next week, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.