Name the New Castle Dark Maze for Halloween 2012

Castle DarkCastle Park's annual October presentation may not rank among the top Halloween theme park attractions in and around Los Angeles, but those who have attended recommend it highly. The family-friendly event transforms into "Castle Dark" during October, offering "fun by day, fright by night" - all for one modest ticket price. The night-time Halloween event includes seasonally themed rides, a scare zone named "Slider Alley," and, in the past, two walk-through mazes. For 2012, however, a third maze is being offered, and Castle Park wants you to name it. The official description sounds like this:

…a Main Street in a small American town that has been taken over by evil shop keepers, creepy citizens and horrendous otherworld villians. Town includes a Chili Shack, Chainsaw Kitchen, The Doll House, Motel Hill, Slasher Family Mortuary and a Morgue.

To offer your proposed name, fill out the form here. But be forewarned: I have already suggested "Exile on Maim Street."

Castle Park is located at 3500 Polk Street, Riverside, CA 92505. Although the Halloween schedule has not been posted yet, Castle Dark usually runs weekend nights in October. Their website is here.

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