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New Halloween Yard Haunts: Adenmoor Manor, Hanover Hall

Well, not necessarily new – they might simply be yard haunts of which we were unaware until now – but “Previously Unlisted Yard Haunts” is not a very snappy headline, is it?

Anyway, as the Halloween season draws near its conclusion, some Happy Home Haunters are crawling out of their graves and proclaiming their living-dead status to the world – or at least to Hollywood Gothique, which certainly qualifies as a macabre microcosm of the world when it comes to Halloween horror. At any rate, here is information on two new yard haunts – which should be a baneful boon to those of you who write in, lamenting, “I have seen everything you listed! Is there nothing more?”

5929 Adenmoor Avenue
Lakewood, CA 90713

This is a yard haunt with a backyard maze in Lakewood, the town near Long Beach that houses the Horror on Frankel Street. This is the haunt’s second year with a full walk-through maze, which the owners estimate at approximately 1000 square feet. Guests are allowed to enter in groups of 6 or less, passing through twists and turns that prevent them from seeing what lies in wait ahead – but whatever it is, we are told that the monsters outnumber the humans. There is no particular theme, but the haunt avoids the usual cliches: clowns, aliens, pirates, toxic waste mutants and overly familiar movie characters (ie. like Jason, Freddy, and Leatherface) are nowhere to be seen.

Adenmoor Manor will be haunting on October 30 and 31, from dusk to 10:00pm (possibly later if there still be people in line). Admission is free.

1016 Beechwood Street
Camarillo, CA 93010

The manager of this yard haunt promises something different: less gore and more atmosphere, in the tradition of classic haunted house tales, with an emphasis on whimsy and fun. There is a dilapidated lobby, library with a graveyard out the window, and a secret passage through the old bookcase to a cave of creatures, followed by a ballroom finale. All of this is contained in a small structure to create the enclosed “dark ride” feel that one associates with the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland.

Hanover Hall is scheduled to manifest at dusk on October 29-31. Admission is free, but a $1-donation is suggested.

For more details, check out this article in the  Ventura County Star (which interviewed me, years ago).