New Haunted Mazes for Knott's Scary Farm 2009

Knott's Berry Farm has been announcing some new mazes for its 2009 Halloween Haunt. Details are scarce, but so far they have promised us four new attractions, two of them in 3-D.

2008s version of the Asylum
2008's version of the Asylum

LOCKDOWN - THE ASYLUM (set near the GhostRider roller-coaster). This location has been known as the Asylum for a few years. It was one of our favorites when it made its debut, but it has outstayed its welcome. Knott's Scary Farm promises that Lockdown will be more than an updated version of the Asylum; it is supposed to offer a brand new, very different experience, described as a "high security penitentiary for the insane." We hope they makes good on their promise to show us something really different, not just a revamp.

TERROR OF LONDON (set in the Mystery Lodge, which used to house 13 Axe Murder Manor). Taking a cue from Universal Studios Hollywood's London Town scare zone, Knott's Scary Farm offers this excursion into Victorian horror, featuring Jack the Ripper's muderous rampages and Dr. Jekyll's twisted experiments. Although it sounds derivative, we prefer classic Gothic and Victorian motifs when it comes to Halloween, so this is a welcome addition. 13 Axe Murder Manor will be missed, but the Mystery Lodge decor is perfectly suited to the new theme.

DIAS DE LOS MUERTOS in 3-D. Journey deep into Mexican folkore to face the Chupacabra; hear the pitiful ghostly screams of La Llorona (the Wheeping Woman) echo from the decrepit crypt. This sounds like a very good idea - it's a theme that has not been tapped previously by Halloween Theme Parks, and it has the potential for some very atmospheric scares.

UNCLE BOBO'S BIG TOP OF THE BIZAARE - in 3D. A new clown nightmare. Oh god, haven't we had enough of those?

UPDATE: Returning mazes in 2009 are Alien Annihilation, The Labyrinth, Slaughterhouse, Club Blood, Cornstalkers, The Doll Facotry, Pyromaniax, Black Widow's Cavern, and Quarantine.

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