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No Crossroads Haunted Village 2015

Bad news and a correction:

Despite what we reported earlier, Crossroads Haunted Village Halloween Attraction in Corona will be on hiatus for 2015. Following the death of the landlord of Crossroads Riverview Park, where the event takes place, legal issues regarding the estate have led the local parks department not to authorize the event this year. However, the Haunted Village plans to return in 2016.

Crossroads Haunted Village is a multi-maze attraction, including Coffin Creek Asylum, Chambers of the Mausoleum, Labyrinth of Lost Relics, and more. On September 8, we posted an announcement that the Haunted Village would open without Chambers and Labyrinth this year. Our report was the result of noting some inconsistencies on the websites for the event (beta.crhaunts.com and www.coffincreek.com) and reaching out to Chambers of the Mausoleum for explanation; their brief responses indicated that Chambers and Labyrinth would be closed but not that the entire Haunted Village would be. A day after publication, someone else from Chambers of the Mausoleum sent a message stating that, although a decision had not been officially announced, the entire event would be cancelled. We then reached out to one of the key staff members at Crossroads Riverview Park, who confirmed the cancellation. We regret the erroneous reporting.

Hollywood Gothique quite enjoyed the variety of frights we experienced when we visited Crossroads Haunted Village back in 2013 and we look forward to event’s return in 2016. You can find more info on our page devoted to the attraction.


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