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No New Pick This Week

Not much new is happening this week in terms of fantasy films, mystery movies, horror-thrillers, and sci-fi cinema events in Los Angeles. The After Dark Horrorfest continues its one-week run, which started on Friday, so you might want to check out some of their “8 Films to Die For,” but be warned – their quality can be hit or miss (as one wag put it at the recent promotional autograph siging, they should be called “8 Films to Rent”).

Also of interest are a trio of screenings of MY BLOOD VALENTINE in 3-D, being held at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood and the Arclight Cinema in Sherman Oaks. Both theatres will preview the film at 10pm on Thursday, the day before it officially opens; director Patrick Lussier will appear after the screening in Hollywood to answer questions. On Saturday, he will conduct another Q&A session after the 8pm screening at the Sherman Oaks location. Click here for more details.