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No Sherwood Scare for Halloween 2015

More bad news! Only yesterday we noted that Delusion: A Haunted Play would not be performing for Halloween 2015; now we see that the Sherwood Scare home haunt is also going on hiatus this season. Why? As Freud said, the world is “overdetermined,” meaning: there were lots of reasons. Paramount was difficulty finding a new location after the previous home (which Sherwood Scare had haunted for three seasons) became unavailable; back in July, the haunt’s Facebook page sent out a request for suggestions about possible venues, but none were suitable.

Theme Park Adventure provided some additional information in this post, noting there was a concern about the availability of key personnel. Finally, the haunt’s creator, Jacob Chase, got a “potentially career-changing offer,” which he decided to pursue. Chase told Theme Park Adventure:

“It definitely wasn’t what we anticipated,” explained Jacob Chase. “We’ve carefully looked at all of our options – and explored any and every avenue possible. The haunt has grown so quickly and with so much love and support from the community that the pressure was real to find a bigger, better venue to deliver an even more extraordinary show this year. I searched multiple cities and looked at tons of potential locations; none of them were right, and in the end, I simply decided that it’s better to put the haunt on hold for a season than to deliver something sub par to our friends and fans in the community; that just wasn’t something I wanted to do. The intent is to come back in 2016 bigger and better than ever – and to wow everyone with the best Sherwood Scare yet!”

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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