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Nova Express video with Pan and the Silver Surfer!

YouLA – the afternoon TV show that looks at local Los Angeles hang-outs – has archived their video visit to Nova Express Cafe here: http://www.canal22.tv/KNBC/YOURLATV/video/novaexpress.html

The video is hosted by actor Doug Jones, who portrayed the Faun in PAN’S LABYRINTH and the Silver Surfer in the upcoming sequel to FANTASTIC FOUR.

For the uninitiated, Nova Express is one of our favorite Haunted Hollywood Hang-Outs (which you can read about here), although to be honest the ambience is more Retro Sci-Fi than Gothic Horror. In any case, they offer great drinks, “Cosmic Pizza,” movies projected on a view screen the resembles the deck of the Starship Enterprise, and various live, experimental and ambient music.