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Old Town Haunt 2010: Review

Old Town Haunt in Pasadena has long been one of our favorite Halloween attractions in Los Angeles, so it is no surprise that we enjoyed our walk through the underground catacombs this Saturday (opening weekend). The basic setup is the same (dark, claustrophobic spaces representing bank vaults, tunnels, etc), and any of our past reviews will provide an accurate warning about the terrors that lie await therein. Fortunately, there are a few new jolts in store to surprise and shock those who have been braved the dark depths during previous October seasons.

The labyrinthine corridors have been slightly reconfigured to include another pitch-black area. Like the crawlspace (which is back again for 2010), this slim passageway leaves you totally blind; fortunately, the walls are padded to keep you from bruising yourself as you stumble about, sinister sounds echoing around you in the darkness.

Monsters lurk around every cornerA makeup crew has been brought in to augment the terror factor. Although you may still see a mask or two, the majority of the monsters are achieved with prosthetics and greasepaint, creating more convincingly creepy countenances. Don’t worry: you will still recognize your favorite ghouls, but more often than not there will be a new flexibility to their expressions, thanks to the professional makeup application.

A twisted being crawls the floors of the tunnel.

Finally, additional pneumatic effects have been added. Previous victims of the Old Town Haunt recall the startling blast of air that hits early in the maze. Similar effects have been added at subsequent points to jangle the nerves even further.

As always, the Old Town Haunt is distinguished by its convincing ambiance; its props and settings rank alongside those seen in Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Old Town Haunt also benefits from densely populated with numerous threatening creatures of unknown origin. The performers are aggressive in their efforts to terrorize: one scream is never enough; they are always coming back for more!

If you have never been victimized by Old Town Haunt, you should consider subjecting yourself to the tortures of its underground lair this Halloween. If you have survived previous incarnations, why not tempt fate with a return visit? Though the changes are few, the haunt has always been great, and this year it is even better.