Pacific Rim: July 12

Location: nationwide
Description: Warner Brothers opens this PG-13 sci-fi action film from Legendary Pictures on July 12, 2013. Guillermo Del Toro directed from a script co-written with Travis Beacham. The story is set in a future time when humanity is threatened by monsters from the deep - i.e., gargantuan alien beings that have emerged through a dimensional portal deep in the ocean (sounds a bit like Lovecraft's Old Ones, doesn't it?). The only way to stop the monsters is not with rockets and cannons, but with equally oversized robots - so big, in fact, that it takes too humans to pilot the machines.

Judging from the trailers, the action is spectacular, and so are the special effects (raising hopes for the upcoming GODZILLA reboot, which is also being produced by Legendary Films).
Date: 2013-07-13