Paco and the Magical Book

Location: New Beverly Cinema, 7165 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
Date: April 11 at 2:10pm

Description: This 2008 children's fantasy film screens as part of the Japan Film Festival Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the only information we have is a plot synopsis that was badly translated into English: "This story is based on a happening in the hospital where there are only unique patients. The most unique patient of them and a trouble maker is `Oonuki`, who is an old president founded his own company by himself . One day, in the hospital `Oonuki` meets a girl named `Pako` , who had a car accident and became a orphan because her parents died in that accident. She can remember only memories of one day, because of an aftereffect of that accident. Even if she meets someone and talk with him or her , she forgets everything after a day passes. Including `Pako`, they enjoy their time together through the play. However, a sad fate is drawing near."

Other Screenings: Also screens at the Nakana Theatre (3350 Civic Center Drive in Torrance( on April 18 at 2:45pm and at the StarplexCinemas Woodbridge Movies 5 (4626 Barranca Parkway in Irvine) on April 25 at noon.

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