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Paranormal Activity in the Bay Area

After enjoying Halloween events Winchester Mystery House and the San Francisco Mint, we managed to squeeze in a visit to Paranormal Cirque during its stay in Antioch. We reviewed this event back in August, but since leaving the Southland, its tour has continued north through California, and the performances are, if anything, even better than when we first saw them.

It’s the same basic show, with one or two additions/subtractions, but there’s more confidence – more flair – as if everyone is now in the groove. It’s the kind of thing a musician feels when no longer worried about hitting the right notes but instead can focus on playing them well.

Anyway, the show was definitely worth a second visit, and people in the Bay Area can check it out during its stops at Lodi, Fairfield, and Petaluma. Get details here.

While celebrating Halloween in the Bay Area, we also enjoyed Unhinged: NIghtshade’s Curse and Into the Dark’s new Terror Vault interactive theatre production The Summoning.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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