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Photo Gallery: Boney Island’s Enchanted Garden

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Above: singing bushes in Boney Island’s Enchanted Garden

Yesterday, the Boney Island yard haunt opened its new “Enchanted Garden” to the public. While Maxilla and his Magical Cauldrons still preside over the front yard, but the area to the side of the house has been transformed. Some familiar elements have been incorporated (e.g., the skeleton hummingbirds, singing bushes), but much new flora and fauna are on view: skeletal spiders, birds, and bees; giant Venus Flytraps; flowers that bloom to reveal sharp teeth; and some hypnotic buds, including one that blinks.

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By the way, Boney Island has an early start time of 6pm, making it a great first stop on your own personal Halloween yard haunt odyssey. The atmosphere is completely different by daylight, and some of the effects are not clearly visible (the Spirit Box on the roof, the skeletons performing hand shadows), but if you or your children are exceptionally timid, an early arrival may enhance your enjoyment of one of the best family-friendly Halloween attractions in Los Angeles.

Boney Island is open again tonight, then resumes on October 21, running through Halloween Night. Hours are 6-9pm weekdays, 6-10pm weekends. The address is 4602 Morse Avenue, Sherman Oaks, CA 91432. Check their Facebook page for updates.

Click on any image below to open a slideshow gallery. Photographs copyright 2015 by Yuki Tanaka.

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