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Photos + Review: Roger’s Gardens “The Witching Hour” Halloween Boutique 2023

Roger’s Gardens in Corona Del Mar, traditionally has always been one of the first businesses to bring in that seasonal cheer early.  Their Halloween boutique opens this year on September 1st, 2023 and this year’s theme is “The Witching Hour”. With a distinct new theme each year, this year they’ve decided on a more traditional Halloween approach and we are just as happy with it as with the previous years.

We’ll take you along with us in the order we walked.  We generally walk and follow the path to the right until we’ve made a circle and complete the entire boutique.

Witch’s Entryway

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The entrance looks like what you would imagine a boutique named “The Witching Hour” to look like.  No signage is needed since the decor sets the expectancy of what you’ll find as you approach the facade.  For those hardcore enough to go annually, this entryway is from a repurposed Neiboldt House from the Pennywise/IT themed boutique that they did a few years back.  Nonetheless, the design fit the theme especially with the darker color scheme.

Potion Pantry

Here you’ll find all the spooky things you need for the kitchen and dining areas.  With potions and poisons alongside a cauldron that has something brewing; this feels like a playroom for witches both young and old.  There’s everything you need for “enchantments” and “spells” for everybody.

Boneyard Conservatory

Skeletons, decapitated baby doll heads, bats, snakes, shrunken pumpkin heads and stone statues?  With some strategically placed fog, they could turn this section of the boutique into a full blow scare zone.  This could be the least kid-friendly place in the shop, as we can imagine the little ones getting creeped out by the skeletons and skulls and there are a lot of them!

Bewitched Boudoir

In this witch’s master bedroom, you’ll find merchandise and things you’ll need for your sleeping area.  A foggy mirror atop a tub distracts you from the gator waiting for you inside the tub.  Seasonal pillows are aptly placed on the witch’s master bed.  Shoplifters be warned, this section is heavily guarded by the witch’s security guard cat named Fluffy.  Fluffy can be heard but not seen as you peruse through the boudoir; but just know that Fluffy isn’t far behind.

Spellcaster’s Study

The last “room” inside this “witch house”, featured items you would need for your living or “dead” rooms or for the place at your house where you hang out.  Creepy are the dolls and figurines on display crafted by prolific artists and cool are the wands available for purchase just next to the dolls/figurines.  The coolest display here was easily the black fireplace with skulls and bones protruding towards you.  Other cool things to not miss were the broom closet in a wooden case with glass windows (all sold out by the way!) and a portrait of a creepy lady on top of the fireplace, could it be the witch who owns this house perhaps?

Conclusion: Roger’s Gardens “The Witching Hour” Halloween Boutique 2023

As traditionalists, we might be a bit more biased in this review because what’s Halloween without all the classic characters and objects?  The merchandise definitely had the vintage Halloween and Trick ‘r Treat movie feel to it.  Roger’s Gardens’ Halloween boutique feels like  a walk-through attraction that’s one, not scary and secondly you can buy whatever you see.  Great thing is you can explore their themes yearly with kids for the most part or without; it’ll surely be a grand time regardless.  The word is that Disneyland’s Halloween Time usually starts September 1st and kicks off Halloween, well for non-Disneyland goes, Roger’s Gardens does too.

Roger’s Gardens’ Halloween Boutique is located at 2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd. in Corona Del Mar and is open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM from Sept. 1st through Oct. 31st.  For more info, visit: https://www.rogersgardens.com/pages/halloween

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