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Prism Haunt 2020 Review

Prism Haunt adapts to the demands of Covid-19 safety offering a pro-quality immersive outdoor effects show

Prism was a favorite home haunt of ours in the Halloween 2019 season. However, a virus-quarantine theme is not a good idea for a walkthrough during a pandemic. Fortunately, the “expert” scientists at Prism were able to create a safe environment for humans who want to partake in their experiments, restructuring the experience as an interactive yard-display.

However, by no means does the phrase “yard-display” signify an amateur home haunt. Prism feels like a pro haunt located at a private residence, charging an admission fee.

Prism Haunt 2020 Review: Experience

In order to comply with health and safety standards, Prism has greatly limited it’s visitor numbers, and each group must remain six feet apart while in line and during the attraction. The haunt is now timed-entry, and the show is enjoyed in individual “bubbles,” numbered circles on the ground are where you stand.

Prism 2020 Review

The story itself obviously could not be a continuation of last year, since viruses and infections are touchy subjects. However, since Prism is a “research lab,” it can conduct all sorts of non-viral related experiments. The current experiment is one that can bring your dreams to life. A large “screen” is situated in front of the garage, which simulates looking through a window of a lab; the windows of the house show other parts of the lab. You stand and watch a video on the main screen. A worker asks for a volunteer, who leaves with the worker and suddenly appears in the video! (It takes a few moments before you realize that the volunteer is a plant since the video is pre-recorded.)

Of course, experiments don’t always work out as intended. The Dreamcatcher machine malfunctions. We won’t spoil what happens. Let’s just say nightmares come to life instead of her dreams.


Prism Haunt 2020 Review: Conclusion

Though some people may feel it is wrong to charge admission for a home haunt, we feel Prism is worth the price. The story itself is a reminder to “be careful what you wish for,” and the impressive set decor and hi-def video projection paired with perfect fog and lighting effects create an immersive 4-D effects show that fully justifies an outing to South Orange County.

Prism Rating

Bottom Line

Professional-grade quality creates an immersive experience like the T2: Terminator show from Universal Studios Hollywood. However, the bubble-circle on the floor detracts from your field of vision and might have you itching to leave your bubble and walk around for a better view.

Prism is located at 24465 Chamalea Dr, Mission Viejo, CA 92691. The haunt remains open on weekends in October, 7:30-11pm. Tickets are $3.99 for kids and $4.99 for adults. They can be purchased at: prismhauntedhouse.com.


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