Pumkin Jack's Haunted House 2017 Review

Pumkin Jack offers another stay at the Bates Motel for Halloween 2017. Are there vacancies? Yes, the management has a way of...dealing with unwanted guests.

As we enter a reception area, a ghoul signals to follow. She does not provide a warning about the ghoul behind the receptionist desk, who provides a pop-scare. In the next room, a victim pleads for his life, providing a distraction for a scare actor to pop out. In the next Nightmarish sequence, an innocent girl is frantically seeking sanctuary. From what? The answer arrives when Freddy Kruger pops out with claws slashing. Luckily for us, he is after the girl. (Fortunately, we are not asleep.)

Next we find ourselves face-to-face with Leatherface who is holding a hook. Since there is no chainsaw, there’s no threat, right? Under that impression, we escape; another scare actor appears, provoking us to run the opposite direction - only to realize we are now confronted by a scare actor wielding a chainsaw. So that’s where Leatherface’s weapon went!

Pumkin Jack's features a deadly combination of scare actors with perfectly themed music and lighting effects. The walk-through has a look and feel of a miniature professional haunt. Avid haunt-goers can visit several other Halloween home haunts in the area, including some yard displays conveniently visible from Pumkin Jack's location.

Pumkin Jack's Haunted House concludes with a final night on October 31. Hours are 6-8pm - for little children; 8pm onward - for adults. There will be a live DJ Halloween Night only. General admission is free, but there is a$15 fast pass. The address is 28603 Natalie Lane Saugus, California 91390. The Facebook page is here.


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