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Dark Harbor 2013: Circus & Village of the Damned

Our video tour of the Queen Mary’s annual Halloween event begins with two land-locked mazes: the new Circus maze and the old Village of the Damned. We are tired of the killer klown theme, but the Circus has a few interesting tricks up its painted sleeves, so it’s not bad. Village is a perennial favorite, thanks to the setting: a mock-up of old fishing village, which provides lengthy dark corridors and lots of old-fashioned atmosphere. Watch out for those bog monsters!

Come back for subsequent videos featuring DeadRise, Containment, Submerged, and the new Freak Show mini-mazes.

Dark Harbor continues at the Queen Mary on October 11-13, 17-20, 24-27, 31, and Novermber 1-2; from 7pm to midnight. The address is 1126 Queens Highway Long Beach, CA 90802 Queen Mary. Check their website for more info, or call 562-435-3511.