Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013

Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013 monstersLocation: THE QUEEN MARY 1126 Queens Highway Long Beach, CA 90802 Queen Mary Phone: 562-435-3511

Dates & Hours: October 3-5, 11-13, 17-20, 24-27, 31, and Novermber 1-2; from 7pm to midnight.

Website: Click here

Description: The Queen Mary sets sail on their annual excursion into Halloween horror, featuring six mazes. The familiar ghouls are back - Captain, Half-Hatch Henry, Scary Mary, and Graceful Gale - with the addition of the Ringmaster, who presides over the new Circus maze, located inside the dome. Other new attractions include the "Ferris Squeal" and a Freakshow.

The RingmasterThe 2013 mazes are:

  • NEW FOR 2013: THE CIRCUS. The malevolent Ringmaster joins the Dark Harbor crew, in a big top ten of terror located inside the Dome.
  • DEADRISE. A sunken ship returns to the surface, piloted by the ghostly Captain.
  • HELLFIRE. Infernal flames burn below the deck of the Queen Mary, in passages haunted by Half-Hatch Henry.
  • SUBMERGED. A watery death by drowning awaits those foolish enough to wander these shipboard corridors, where lurks the mournful ghosts of Graceful Gale and Scary Mary.
  • CONTAINMENT. Savage Samuel resides in the Queen Mary's old medical ward, where he was locked away after a violent outburst back in 1948.
  • VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED. The Dark Harbor's fishing village is haunted by the ghosts of the damned. Don't be surprised if the Captain pays a visit as well.

ferris_squealBesides the Circus maze, the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor will offer three other new attractions for Halloween 2013. All three require an additional fee:

  • FERRIS SQUEAL. For $3, see Dark Harbor from on high.
  • MECHANICAL MONSTERS. Try to ride for a full 8 seconds on the monstrous wild elephant.
  • FREAK SHOWS. Dark Harbor promises a new rogues' gallery of ghoulish characters: Headless Hannah, the Human Crab, The Beast, etc.

General admission tickets range from $24 to $34 in advance; $29 $39 at the door. An additional Fright Pass is available to skip ahead of the line; prices are $20-25 in advance, $25-30 at the door. For $65, you can obtain a Season Pass, which includes Fright Pass front-of-the-line privilege and allows you to revisit Dark Harbor as often as you want during the Halloween season.

Graceful Gale haunts the submerged corridors of the Queen Mary
Graceful Gale haunts the submerged corridors of the Queen Mary

If you are trying to save money, there is a $20 Happy Haunting Hour ticket available online; to use it, you must arrive at the Queen Mary between 7pm and 8pm. There are also group ticket prices starting at $19.

Hotel packages, for those wishing to stay overnight, start at $229.

The Queen Mary Dark Harbor is a bit of an also-ran in the Halloween sweepstakes, but they have been sailing in the right direction the last few years, so Hollywood Gothique expects good things in October 2013 (though frankly we could do without another variation on the over-used psycho-circus clown theme).

Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013: The Captain pilots a sunken ship in Deadrise The Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013: Savage Samuel lurks in Containment The Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013: Scary Mary has been Submerged too long.

Half-Hatch Henry will drag you down into Hellfire. The Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013: The Circus maze - new for Halloween 2013 The Queen Mary Dark Harbor Logo - Halloween 2013