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Realm of Terror

I am updating the Halloween Haunts page to include an entry for Realm of Terror (not to be confused with Reign of Terror). This amateur yard haunt has been going since 2000. In the past, Realm of Terror has offered a walk-through haunt, which grew in size and complexity each year.

Unfortunately,┬áin 2007 time considerations forced a switch to a simpler haunt – which will again by the case in 2008. Proprietor Daniel Wassenberg promises that he and his comrades will be haunting the front yard, and he hopes within a few years to go back to a more elaborate version of the haunt

I’ve never been, so I can’t give my personal recommendation, but it sounds like fun, and I hope to check it out, maybe this year.

Location: 23125 Eriel Ave. – Torrance CA, 90505
Website: www.therealmofterror.com
Date: Halloween night