Recommended 2014 Halloween screenings: The Exorcist

As part of its series of 2014 Halloween screenings, the Arclight Cinemas presents director William Friedkin's 1973 adaptation of William Peter Blatty's controversial best-seller, about a young girl apparently possessed by the Devil. A towering classic of the horror genre, this is a film that works extraordinarily well in a theatrical setting, with a live audience.

Arclight Cinemas will screen The Exorcist twice for Halloween 2014:

  • October 3 at midnight - The Arclight Hollywood, 6360 Sunset Boulevard
  • October 26 at 8pm - The Arclight Pasadena, 336 E. Colorado Boulevard

The screenings will be in digital format.

For more information, click here.

Update: Street Food Cinema will screen The Exorcist at 8pm on October 18 at Eagle Rock Recreation Center in Los Angeles.

Note: The poster for the Arclight screenings is taken from the 2000 release of the extended "Version You've Never Seen." However, the running time listed is 122 minutes, indicating that the original 1973 cut will be shown.

The Exorcist poster