Must-See Foreign Language Double Bill: Let the Right One in & Timecrimes

I can't imagine that a better double bill will play anywhere in Los Angeles this year, as the New Beverly offers two of the most ambitious and original movies released in 2008 - a horror film and a sci-fi film. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is easily the best horror film from last year. TIMECRIMES is a Spanish time travel film that uses its science fiction element as the basis for a tense thriller. Both are worth watching, and together they form an unbeatable combination that should appeal even to viewes not normally thrilled by the thought of reading subtitles.

We don't recommend anything more highly than this.

Location: New Beverly Cinema - 7165 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles
Phone: (323) 938-4038
Link out: Click here
Dates: May 27-28
Times: 7:30pm (LET THE RIGHT ONE IN); 9:45pm (TIME CRIMES)

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