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Reggie Captured!

I just saw on the local news that L.A.’s most notorious fugutive is now in custody.

That’s right: Reggie the Alligator – who has eluded crocodile hunters for two years – has finally been captured, and he’s on his way to the Los Angeles Zoo.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Reggie has been living in a lake in a public park since he got too big for his owner to take care of him. He’s become something of a local celebrity – an out-of-place immigrant who adapted to his surroundings with surprising ease and made a home for himself, despite attempts to displace him. He also became something of a tourist attraction, as local people showed up at the park, hoping for a glimpse of the elusive creature and throwing him bits of junk food (which no doubt made him less inclined to take the bait in the many traps set for him).

Oh well, Reggie had a good run, staying one step ahead of his would-be captors with almost as much success as Gustav, the killer croc in Africa who recently starred in PRIMEVAL. We can only hope Reggie gets his shot at Hollywood stardom.