Reign of Terror Halloween 2009 Dates & Location

The Reign of Terror Haunted House in Thousand Oaks was one of our most pleasing discoveries of Halloween 2008, so we are pleased to note that it will be back this year – bigger and better than ever. Formerly a yard haunt, Reign of Terror expanded into the Conejo Recreation Center last year, and it was such a thrill that in our 2008 Halloween Haunt Awards we picked it as the best “Community Haunt”  – a category reserved for attractions that fall somewhere in between amateur haunts and professional haunted houses.

Reign of TerrorFor its 10th anniversary, the Reign of Terror takes another step toward the big time, moving into the Janns Marketplace at 215 North Morpark Road (where the Thousand Oaks Haunt was located in 2005) and promising a “much larger and more complex” attraction than ever before. Proceeds will still go to benefit the Conejo Recreation and Parks District Youth Charities, so technically this is not a for-profit event, but we have upgraded their listing on our website to Professional Haunt simply because it is of professional quality.

Unlike many haunts, which mimic asylums or slaughterhouses, Reign of Terror does an a fine job of simulating a walk through an old-fashioned haunted house, and it makes excellent use of mechanical figures and effects. Best of all, despite its length, the 2008 incarnation was dense with scares around almost every corner. If the proprietors can make it even better for 2009, then it is definitely a must-see for Halloween fans in around Los Angeles.

Dates for 2009 are October 22-24 and 29-31. Hours are 7-11pm. Ticket prices have not been announced yet.