Repo the Genetic Opera at Royale Theatre - One Night Only on January 24!

REPO THE GENETIC OPERA - the film version of the cult musical - screens in the Royale Theatre in West Los Angeles at 10:00pm tonight. Unfortunately, the show is already sold out, but if you arrive early and wait in line,  you might be able to purchase a no-show ticket. This film received only a minimal, contractually obligated theatrical release last before arriving on DVD this week. The splashy visual and music are probably best appreciated on the big screen, so this is probably worth making the extra effort. But beware: the sensibility is hard-core cult film all the way - a throwback to old-fashioned midnight movies intended for a particular crowd of film-lovers. If you enjoy crazy movies like FORBIDDEN ZONE, this is probably your cup of tea; if you're looking for a conventional musical, stay home and rent SOUND OF MUSIC.

The Royal Theatre is located at 11523 Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles, Call 310 477 5581 for more information, or check out the official Laemmle Theatres website.

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