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Review: Rotten Easter Egg Haunt 2019

All Saints Lunatic Asylum Rotten Egg Hunt review (Photo Copyright 2019 Steve Biodrowski)
Watch out – this Easter Bunny will steal your eggs!

All Saints Lunatic Asylum’s annual Easter-themed haunted house, which wrapped up a two-day run last night, offered an entertaining seasonal variation on their Halloween attraction. Though using the same layouts and settings, the “Rotten Egg Hunt” projected a different vibe, partly because of the presence of eggs and bunnies but mostly because the haunt featured more interplay between visitors and the asylum’s demented denizens.

The cast of characters is always a major feature of All Saints Lunatic Asylum, but it’s in the nature of a Halloween haunt that frightened visitors rush through quickly as possible to escape the monsters. By styling itself as an actual egg hunt, the Easter attraction encouraged longer interaction time: egg hunters had to slow down in order to search through the Asylum’s darkened corridors, while the haunters teased them with hints or mocked their fruitless efforts.

The setup was that several rooms, each identified with a bunny decoration on the wall, contained a hidden egg or two. In the gift shop at the end of the maze, prizes were awarded according to the number of eggs found. This afforded extended opportunities for the haunters to torment their victims, who were reluctant to exit a room empty-handed. An element of suspense was added with the threat that, if one spent too long searching a room, an evil Easter Bunny would appear to steal an egg; if one refused to surrender a single egg, the bunny would take the entire bag of eggs.

The results were slightly less frightening than the Asylum’s Halloween and Friday the 13th presentations. Not wanting to scare egg hunters away too soon, the lunatics – both patients and doctors – emphasized their hysterical qualities. Even more than usual, the Asylum lived up to its name, with deranged characters rambling at length in manic fashion, both creepy and funny. Twisted humor is always part of the haunt, but it was more pronounced than ever during the Rotten Egg Hunt, providing an excellent reason to check in for another stay at All Saints Lunatic Asylum.

Rotten Easter Egg Haunt 2019 Rating

Bottom Line

All Saints Lunatic Aslyum’s 2019 Easter attraction offered a pleasing variation on their Halloween haunt, featuring even more hysterical interplay with the asylum’s demented denizens.

All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted Attraction is located at 22521 Shawnee Road, Apple Valley, CA 92308. Their next haunted house attraction will take place on Friday the 13th in September. For more information, visit: allsaintsasylum.com.

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