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Review: Hallowseve Haunted House

A pro-haunt in a private residence, Hallowseve Haunted House offers scares galore.

Hallowseve Haunted House was originally supposed to be at the Naval Academy in Lake Elsinore.  However, last minute changes forced them to move to a private residence instead.  The proprietors had the entire pro-haunt planned out and were ready to shift to a drive-through if needed. However, staging it at a private residence has advantages, such as being to do a walk-through without having to deal with restrictions involved when using someone else’s property.

Hallowseve Haunted House Review: Scare Zone

The haunt is located at a cul-de-sac in Corona off the 15 Freeway. The actual maze is on the property while the scare zone is on the public street next to a concessions stand.  Walking up to the haunt gives the impression that much more is going on than just one home haunt.

Hallowseve Haunted House Review
Scare Zone in cul-de-sac

The scare zone, which has its own enclosure, prevents you from seeing who will emerge. A handful of scare actors can be seen harassing the audience and everybody nearby (up and down the street).  If you are lucky, the scare actors will target you and crack jokes at your expense.

Hallowseve Haunted House Review: Maze

The maze has no centralized theme but gives off a “house of horrors” feel, suggesting a slightly smaller version of 13th Gate Asylum (reviewed here).  Therefore, you really don’t know what to expect in each room.

The scare experience is very old school, with scare actors coming at you from places unseen.  There are very realistic props, like the coffins….which we were told were “used coffins”.  Wait a minute…..(chills & shudders)…let’s not think too much into that. 

A favorite bit of ours was the Purge scene, where you may encounter one or two scare actors purging (of course). We also enjoyed the giant truck with bright headlights and a blaring horn (which brought back fond memories of 13th Gate Asylum).

The kitchen scene is nice – it looks like a fresh murder scene with body parts chopped up. Watch out for The Butcher! 

Hallowseve Haunted House Review
Mausoleum scene inside the maze

The mausoleum-chapel scene is creepy. As you approach from behind, you cannot tell which figures seated on the benches are real – until the Nun fixates on you and follows .

Another highlight is the clown who is not very helpful with directions, sending you down a dead end with more killer clowns on the loose. It’s up to you to decide whether to follow him or not – we have warned you!  

With 6,000 square feet, the maze offers a lot more we’d like to talk about, but we wouldn’t want to ruin it for you. You’ll have to brave it yourself, if you dare.

Hallowseve Haunted House Review: Conclusion

We enjoyed the added bonus of the scare zone.  It is great free entertainment for the community, especially during a time when many Halloween attractions are closed.

As for the walk-through, there were quite a few familiar scenes and scares we have seen in the past.  However, that is not a bad thing, especially this season. With Covid-19 shutting down almost all indoor haunts, we were glad we were able to experience a Halloween haunted house walk-through attraction.

Hallowseve Haunted House Ratings
  • Scare Zone
  • Walk-Through

Bottom Line

A great community Halloween event, this is essentially a Pro Haunt, located at a private residence. Therefore, you get the ultimate bang for your buck. Those who are afraid can just come and hang out at the scare zone and take photos at a couple of photo-op locations including Pennywise in the sewer. 

Hallowseve Haunted House is located at:  13731 Silver Stirrup Dr, Corona, CA 92883.  They remain open Fridays through Sundays until the 1st of November from 6:30 PM to 11 PM. Entry is $10, cash on-site. A portion of the proceeds go to charity. For up-to-date info, visit: https://www.facebook.com/hallowsevehauntedhouse


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