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Review: A New Día De Los Muertos Dawns in L.A.

New Día Review
The sponsor’s products are for sale on premises.

A New Día: Dia De Muertos Reimagined is a truly surreal experience in which artistic pretension and crass commercialism battle for supremacy. Sponsored by Estrella Jalisco, the installation art at Wisdome LA purports to be a modern take on the traditional Día De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead celebration; however, it comes across more like a giant beer commercial.

There is tremendous visual beauty on display within the venue’s four domes, but it is accompanied by a recorded voice-over from Robert Rodriguez (director of Planet Terror and Sin City), who continually extols visitors to relax, make new friends, and enjoy a cocktail made from one of Estrella Jalisco’s Mexican beers. The only thing missing is a nearby beach for patrons to toss their ringing cell phones into the waves.

Despite the title, A New Día: Dia De Muertos Reimagined has little to do with the traditional holiday. Outside the domes are a handful of calacas. The first dome contains decor suggesting the interior of an ancient temple, and the narration relates a legend of love’s triumph over death. However, the rest of the exhibition feels like pre-existing installations that have been rebranded to tie in with Día De Los Muertos.

The computer-generated digital projections in two of the domes are breathtaking, and the maze-like interior of the other is intriguing. Your first thought may be that you have stepped into an outtake from The Matrix before you realize that it really should be the setting for a fight scene in the next John Wick movie.

If your enjoyment of installation art is enhanced by a beer-based cocktail, you can check out A New Día: Dia De Muertos Reimagined tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday.

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A New Día Rating

Bottom Line

New Día Review
Lonely calacas outside Wisdome

It’s definitely immersive, but are you inside an art installation or a beer commercial? Never mind – relax, have a drink, and enjoy the amazing visuals.

A New Día presented by Estrella Jalisco continues at Wisdome LA through November 1. Hours are 5-11pm. The address is1147 Palmetto Street, Los Angeles, CA. Tickets are $29. Estrella Jalisco is available for purchase at the bars located within the exhibition. Event is for ages 21 and over. More information: https://wisdome.la/anewdia

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