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Review: Tom’s Farms Haunted Train 2023

In a somewhat noticeable year of haunts going dark, scale backs, cut backs and changes; here is one that changed for the better.  Gone for now is the spooky family-friendly Halloween train that reminded us so much of The Ghost Train.  Here this season is a full-on scare version, finally giving the name “Haunted Train” the credit it deserves.

Tom’s Farms Haunted Train 2023 Review: The Train Ride

What prompted the change?  Well, the Haunted Train is now produced by the minds behind Hallow’s Eve Inc., the same haunters that did Deadwater State Penitentiary and Undead Circus just down the freeway.  If you’ve experienced any of their haunts, then you would’ve known that it is much more extreme and gorey than the kiddie version train at Tom’s Farms.    Though this meant Hallow’s Eve Inc. having to be dark this year, we didn’t mind as it gave the Haunted Train an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by combining a fun train ride with tons of scares; and we do mean tons.

If you think L.A. Haunted Hayride but on a train, this was how I would describe the experience in a sentence.  However, the main difference was that this had comfortable seating on a train and the monsters/scare actors were not specific to the themed set like at the L.A. Haunted Hayride, which took you on a path of everything Halloween related.  Since this all takes place at a farm; you should have a good idea at how the scare actors were dressed.  If you have a phobia for scarecrows, we don’t recommend this haunt to you at all.  Especially when there’s a part where it’s pitch black and God knows who is lashing out at the train and at you.

Tom’s Farms Haunted Train 2023 Review: Conclusion

Though the spooky fun-filled train is gone, we don’t mind having the more hardcore edition of the Haunted Train.  Perhaps there could be 2 trains in the future: a non-scare and a full-on scare.  Those seeking a non-scare experience will have to wait until their Christmas train.  Since there is no haunted hayride attraction in the general area; it’s great to see a haunt where you are in a moving vessel; it adds a certain level of fear into the experience since you are pretty much trapped in the cabin until the ride stops.  According to Hallow’s Eve Inc., the goal is to do a Haunted Train and a walk-through like Tom’s Farms did a couple of times but better.  We’re anxiously waiting for that to happen next season.

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Tom's Farms Haunted Train 2023

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A great change of scenery compared to a standard walk-through maze.  This is the only “haunted train” experience we’ve seen since the previous years were more spooky/kiddie like fun. An experience like this is always great because you can get all the scares of a walk-through except we can save our legs and let it come to us.

Tom’s Farms Haunted Train ride continues until October 29 on Fridays through Sundays.  Tickets are $8.  Parking is complimentary.  They are located at 23900 Temescal Canyon Rd, Corona, CA.  Get more information at https://tomsfarms.com/


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