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Review: Tom’s Farms Haunted Train & Fright Trail 2021

Tom’s Farm has returned with another run of their Haunted Train. In the past, we have enjoyed this spooky but kid-friendly train ride in the hidden backside of Tom’s Farms, so we were glad to see it return this season. New for Halloween 2021 is the haunted The Fright Trail, geared more towards a 12-and-up audience, which replaces the maze from 2019. You may purchase a separate ticket for the train or a combo ticket for the train and the trail. Unfortunately, the line to the Fright Trail is the same line as the Haunted Train, which means you may have to wait a while before it’s your turn to go on either the train or trail.

Tom’s Farms 2021 Review: Haunted Train

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Perhaps the most frightening thing about the Haunted Train is the line. At first, we thought that the pent-up demand for Halloween activities was the driving factor. Later, we learned that the train takes you to the Fright Trail, which explains the long line – it’s for both attractions. Fortunately, once it’s your turn, you’ll find that the train is a fun ride to the various realms of Halloween where you see all kinds of fun and spooky things. From witches to skeletons to a headless horseman, the Haunted Train is like driving house-to-house looking at various X’mas decorations, except it’s on a train and it’s for Halloween. The Haunted Train is exactly the type of offering we needed to put us into the spirit of Halloween.

Tom’s Farms 2021 Review: Fright Trail

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The Fright Trail utilizes the same line as the Haunted Train, because it is located in what felt to be a “secret area” along the tracks. Guests will see a good majority of the train ride before getting dropped off for this maze, only to get picked up later (think Terror Tram Tour at Universal HHN). Therefore, admission to the Fright Trail includes The Haunted Train since you’ll end up seeing everything on the train route. It was definitely more scary than the Haunted Train; a variety of Halloween decorations and ghouls distracted us while a werewolf roamed loose. We did not see him coming until he gave us a good scare.

Tom’s Farms 2021 Review:  Conclusion

The attractions at Tom’s Farms are very affordably priced, and they give you the most for your money. Both the Haunted Train and the Fright Trail provided good Halloween vibes when experienced together. However, we felt that the queue line situation was a bit messy and could be improved. To avoid confusion and to keep the line moving, it would be nice to possibly have the Fright Trail located elsewhere. Their Farmhouse maze from 2019 was located opposite the Haunted Train, avoiding any congestion issues. That was an amazing first-year haunt, and we were expecting The Fright Trail to be at the same level, but it fell slightly short. We understand that, because of the location, the Fright Trail had to be at a shorter length than their previous haunted walk-through. Nonetheless, if you have nowhere else to go, this could be your weekend plan since they offer shopping and dining in addition to the haunts.

Tom's Farms Haunted Train and Fright Trail 2021 Ratings
  • 95%
    The Haunted Train - 95%
  • 85%
    Fright Trail - 85%

Bottom Line

The Haunted Train is $5 and the Fright Trail is just $5 more. For $10, you can see both, so why not? Tom’s Farms is still a good destination for family-friendly Halloween offerings and more because they offer shopping, dining and other activities. 

The Halloween events continue at Tom’s Farm through October 30 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 7-10 PM. The address is 23900 Temescal Canyon Road, Temescal Valley, California 92883. For more information, visit tomsfarms.com/events/list.



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