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Reviews of Pumkin Jack and Clown Town posted

In our continuing effort to avoid overlooking worthy Halloween home haunts, we have added capsule comments for Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House and Clown Town to our Halloween Haunt Odyssey roundup of Santa Clarita’s Yard Haunts, which you can read here.

This piecemeal approach to posting is the unfortunate result of scheduling realities. After we visited the area on October 26, the Santa Clarita yard haunt odyssey was posted immediately, in order to get word out on what was worth visiting. Among other things, Beware the Dark Realm was scheduled for one more night only, on October 27, so posting at a later date would have been counter-productive.

The problem with posting quickly was that Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House did not open until October 27, so there was no way to include it in the original post. Fortunately, Hollywood Gothique correspondent Warren So made a trip to Santa Clarita on Halloween Night, visiting both Pumkin Jack and Clown Town, so now we are able to fill the gaps in the original post (and also add some more photos).

Check out the results here.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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