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Ring-Author Koji Suzuki Would Like to Script RING 3

SuicideGirls.Com has a nice interview with RING-author Koji Suzuki, whose novels have formed the basis for several Japanese horror films and their American remakes, including RINGU, THE RING, and DARK WATER. So far, he seems pleased with the film adaptations of his work and says he would like to write the script for the American THE RING 3, if it ever gets a green light:

“If RING 3 was to be made in the U.S., I would love to write the screenplay for that. RING TWO diverged from the original story, but since SPIRAL [Kozuki’s novel] is the real sequel, I would want it to have elements of that in it. I would like a movie sequel that’s not just a repetition of previous works. I would love to show that a movie sequel could actually be a very good movie.”

Other interesting tidbits: Suzuki thinks that Samara character in the movie version of THE RING is too demonic, not the tragic character he wrote in the novel. Also, the author is (or at least was) uncomfortable with the “horror” label, because his breakthrough novel RING was not intended to be a horror novel:

“I consider myself to be a scientific person who does not believe in the occult, so I actually did not like the fact that there was an irrational event in the novel, like people watching a videotape and dying, so I set out to solve the contradictions in the story, and that’s how I ended up writing SPIRAL and LOOP. Then LOOP actually ends up with a bright future, the opposite of horror. LOOP is the novel in the trilogy that’s closest to my heart because of that.”