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Video: Rotten Apple 907 delivers slithery scares with SSSSSS!

The ironic thing about Rotten Apple is they manage to stay fresh every year. Their basic approach remains they same, but they swap in a new theme every Halloween, creating new sets, costumes, and characters, along with some amazing physical effects. This year’s theme – titled SSSSSS! like the 1973 horror film about snakes – is a perfect example. We have all seen spring loaded snakes in fun houses, but the dragon-sized serpents on view this year really take things to the next level.

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The three-minute walkthrough takes intrepid explores through a jungle loaded with vipers and constrictors. You enter through a convincing cavern where skeletal remains are all that’s left of previous explores who have fallen victim to snakes. The cavern opens upon a jungle, where a bat-like creature and oversized spiders present additional threats. A homestead in the jungle houses a hunter feeding rats to his pet snake (hidden in a wicker box). And it all winds up in the altar room of a snake-worshipping cult where you may be judged and found unworthy. (The high priestess seems to be doing an amusing spoof of Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus.)

Since the quality at Rotten Apple 907 is so consistent from year to year it is hard to pick favorites. Last year’s theme – Evils of the London Fog – was ideally suited to our taste, making it hard to surpass. Fortunately, as a one-time aspiring herpetologist, we loved the Amazonian snakes, along with the bats and other creepy creatures haunting this jungle hellhole, so SSSSSS! meets the very high bar.

Rotten Apple continues on October 29-31, 7-10pm. The address is 907 N. California Street in Burbank. Get more information at rottenapple907.com.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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