Rotten Apple 907 presents "A Space Odyssey"

Rotten Apple Space-Station3 Dates: October 22-23, 28-31
Hours: 7-9pm Sundays and Halloween night; 7-10pm Fridays and Saturdays.
Location: 907 N. California Street Burbank, CA 91505

Link out: Click here
Description: Burbank's brilliant walk-through Halloween attraction goes far beyond being a yard haunt: it's a maze filled with props, mechanical effects, and live actors - all of which combine to rival professional Halloween events.

The theme changes from year to year, keeping things fresh. For 2011, Rotten Apple 907 offers visitors a chance to travel to the Beyond Frontier Earth Space Resort ("When Egypt Isn't Far Enough").

"Join us in space if you dare," warns the poster. "In space no one can hear your screams."

Rotten Apple 907 is a non-profit event. This year, they are collecting donations to benefit the Family Service Agency of Burbank.