Santa Monica Zombie Crawl video

Santa Monica Zombie Crawl video 2016
The Santa Monica Zombie Crawl begins at Rusty's Surf Ranch.

The Santa Monica Zombie Crawl  returns for Halloween 2017, starting at 6pm on Saturday, October 28. Pub Crawlers get wristbands entitling them to drink special at participating bars and pubs, starting at Rusty's Surf Shack on the Santa Monica Pier and moving on to the Third Street Promenade, culminating in a late-night party at the last stop. Makeup experts are on site to transform the living into the living dead. "Zombies" are encouraged to wear costumes, walk with arms extended, drag a leg, and moan or growl.

As you can see from our 2016 Santa Monica Zombie Crawl video, this is an upbeat event, mixing Halloween ambiance with a free-wheeling party vibe. For a more in-depth account, read our Halloween Review: Santa Monica Zombie Crawl.

The annual Santa Monica Zombie Crawl does not have its own website. However, you can get more information at our page devoted to the event, or check out this year's entry in our Calendar section.


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