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SAW IV: Darren Lynn Bousman Interview

Esplatter.Com has posted my article on SAW IV, featuring an interview with director Darren Lynn Bousman.

Of course, the major issue of the day is whether the sequel will do welll, in the wake of the box office failure of HOSTEL PART II. Says Bousman:

“First off, if you look at a lot of movies that went from I to II, whether it be TEXAS CHAINSAW, THE GRUDGE, whatever it is – most times, the sequels drop off,” says Bousman. “SAW II we raised. So I think we were able to show, right away, there’s something different here with the SAW films. Then with SAW III we did it again. So if I was coming back, and HOSTEL II had done what it had done, and all these films like 28 WEEKS LATER, I think I would be a lot more nervous doing SAW II if it was coming out right now. But I think we’ve proven ourselves. Does that mean that SAW V and VI aren’t going to feel it? No. But I think that SAW IV, right now, we’ve not duped the audience. It’s when we dupe the audience, as the other films have, that we have to worry. But someway we’ve [found] the loophole to sequels dropping off. So I’m not concerned about it right now.”

Read the whole thing here.