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ScareLA 2015: Onsite Haunts

ScareLA is expanding the number of onsite haunts for its 2015 incarnation.  The Los Angeles Halloween convention – which takes place on August 8 and 9 at the Pasadena Convention Center – will feature eight mini-mazes, provided by Field of Screams, The Darkside, The Curse of the Devil Swamp, Figment Foundry, Spooky Hollows, Drunken Devil Productions, Fear Station, and Virtual Screams.

These short walk-throughs provide an excellent opportunity for Los Angeles Halloween fans to sample haunted attractions that might otherwise be outside their normal range (some hail from Orange County and Riverside). If you enjoy the preview, you may decide the full version is worth the extra miles. (We discovered several worthies at the previous ScareLA, including Curse of the Devil Swamp.)

Here is the complete rundown:

The Haunted Stadium’s Exorcism
Field of Screams The Haunted Stadium and The Bloodshed Brothers invite you to come sit and bare witness to a live exorcism in a unique experience not of this world. Straight to the bowels of Hell you shall descend!…

The Darkside
Try and survive this hallucination of hell – alone! On the Darkside they like to take it… one victim at a time!…

The Curse of the Devil Swamp
Discover the secrets of a lingering curse more vile than anything you could imagine in this preview of the haunted attraction, Curse of the Devil Swamp….

Figment Foundry’s “Goblin Underground”
The bazaar of unusual creatures and strange sights known as the “Goblin Underground” will located somewhere within the ScareLA showfloor. From the legendary design group Figment Foundry….

Spooky Hollow’s “Legends of the Swamp”
In Spooky Hollows’ Legends of the Swamp unearth the terrifying history of a now drained swampland and help investigate rumors of long lost children who appear as ghostly apparitions, and the evil monsters that may lurk….

Drunken Devil Production’s “Sinner’s Soiree”
Descend into the boozy, infernal world of the Drunken Devil and explore a southern gothic version of Hell, where wayward souls are tortured for their sins by seedy manifestations of vice and malice……

Fear Station’s “The Birth of the Windigo”
From Fear Station, experience The Birth of the WIndigo: a mysterious creature killing hunters in the forest. We have received word that that ranger is held up in a hunting shack. Meet him there and get to safety.  Can you escape The Windigo’s curse?…

Virtual Screams
Experience the future of haunted experiences utilizing Oculus Rift and virtual reality technology from Virtual Screams….

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