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ScareLA Video: Halloween Haunt Interviews

Hollywood Gothique presents a 20-minute tour of ScareLA, presenting peaks and previews of Magic Mountain Fright Fest, Rob Zombie’s American Nightmare, The Empty Grave, Sinister Pointe, House of Restless Spirits, House at Haunted Hill, Haunted Hollywood Sports, Los Angeles Live Steamers Ghost Train, Voices of Pioneer Cemetery, The Legend of Boot Hill, and Bats Day at Disneyland. Interview subjects include Eric Maurin, Matt Ford, Jeff Schiefelbein, Mike Talarico, and ScareLA exec producer David Markland.

Overall, Hollywood Gothique was impressed with how well ScareLA ran; all the usual SNAFUS you expect from a debut event seemed to be missing in action; the panels were informative; and it was a genuine pleasure to be among so many like-minded people all under one roof – during daylight, no less!