Scream of Fear & The Gorgon

Location: The Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA
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Description: The American Cinematheque presents a double bill of great Hammer horror - two films from the British company's golden era in the 1960s.

SCREAM OF FEAR is a fine, black-and-white Hitchcock-type thriller, starring Susan Strasberg and directed by Seth Holt from a screenplay by Jimmy Sangster, about a girl in a wheelchair who returns to her father's estate, where she she keeps seeing his dead body even though she is informed that he is merely away from home.

THE GORGON is the last time the great triumverate of director Terence Fisher and horror stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee worked together at the studio - the result is not quite another CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN or HORROR OF DRACULA, but it is a wonderfully atmospheric Gothic chiller with romantic overtones.

Date: February 18 at 7:30pm

Christohper Lee and Peter Cushing in THE GORGON
Christohper Lee and Peter Cushing in THE GORGON