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Seaside Haunt 2007 video – final farewell?

Made it out to the final night of Seaside Haunt’s 2007 presentation. We were just too busy to get out to Ventura during October; since they stayed open through Saturday, November 3, we decided to make that our last big event of the elongated Halloween season. It was the same basic haunt as last year, but a few things were switched around to add some surprises, and it was a splendid way to say farwell to Halloween until next year.

We’re especially glad we went because Mike Zatz says this may be the haunt’s last year in its present form and location. Next year, they plan to move from Ventura County Fairgrounds to a nearby mall, and the haunt will be totally revamped into something new. The old Seaside Haunt sets and props could possibly be revived at some other location, but the focus now seems to be on the new version. We look forward to next year!